Loboc River Resort SUP Tour

A unique river resort experience awaits you at Loboc River Resort in Bohol, Philippines. We are offering stand-up paddle boarding tours that are inclusive of meals, full gears, and instructor. Our assigned tour guides are well trained and they are familiar with the river because they are from the local community.

SUP is the latest and greatest in water sports and exercise. It has been said that the combination of strength and endurance in this sport is like “hitting the genetic lottery” because of the way it naturally activates so many different muscle groups at once. The combination of strength and endurance is especially beneficial for people who want to optimize their health and wellness, lose weight, and improve their physique. SUP also offers something for people who just want to relax and enjoy the scenery and water with something in their hands.


Loboc River Watersports is a sub-segment partnership brand managing the water tours of Loboc River Resort, Bohol, Philippines. These services include Kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), Firefly Watching Boat Tour, Speed Boat River Cruise.

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  • 1 Hour SUP Tour
    8 AM - 4 PM
    Explore Loboc River with SUP.

    ✓ 1-hour excursion
    ✓ SUP instructor/guide
    ✓ Full gear (paddle + board + life vest)
    ✓ Complimentary drink
    ₱ 1000
    ₱ 499/person (Promo!)
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SUP Tour Guest Photos

Are you team Green? Blue? Orange? Pink? or White? Color your SUP Tour experience in Bohol’s famous Loboc River! There are plenty of SUP boards to choose from here at Loboc River Resort Watersports.

  • Team Orange
  • Team Yellow
  • Team Green
  • Team Orange
  • Team Yellow and Red
  • Team White
  • Team White and Red
  • Team Yellow and Orange
  • Team Green
  • Team Pink and Blue
  • Team Pink and Yellow
  • Team Yellow and White
  • Team Pink
  • Team Orangle, Blue, and Pink
  • SUP Tour Guide Pons

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no experience in Stand Up Paddle Boarding, can I join the tours?

Yes, all Stand Up Paddle Board tours begins with an introductory lesson by our guide. It is very easy to learn the sport. Loboc River is known to be one of the cleanest and safest river in the Philippines. The river water is flat and calm which is very good for beginners.

How safe is the Stand Up Paddle Board Tour?

Stand Up Paddle Board tours are all guided tours that begins with an introductory lesson. Our assigned tour guides are well trained and they are familiar with the river because they are from the local community. We have a policy to limit 1 tour guide to every 5 persons but we also add more tour guides depending on the age or the experience of the paddlers. We provide complete equipment (board, paddle, leash, (PFD) Personal Floating Device or lifevest)

Do you accept watersports reservations today?

Yes we do. Message us at 0915 469 8515 or www.m.me/lobocriverresort to reserve. Tour is available daily from 8AM-5PM.

If you want a one-of-a-kind vacation that is totally different from the usual beach getaways, our Loboc river accommodation is the perfect place for you. Book direct online today and get instant confirmation.
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