Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Loboc River Resort’s accommodations, restaurant, guest reviews, and services? We’ve got you covered!
Do you offer transfers to Loboc River Resort?

Yes, we offer transfers at Loboc River Resort. Kindly see our rate table.

Location 1-3 Guests (Car) 4-6 Guests (AUV) 7-10 Guests (Van)
Tagbilaran / Seaport PHP 700 PHP 800 PHP 1,000
Panglao / Airport PHP 1,000 PHP 1,200 PHP 1,500
Dimiao PHP 1,500 PHP 1,700 PHP 2,000
Jagna PHP 1,500 PHP 1,700 PHP 2,000
Anda PHP 2,500 PHP 2,700 PHP 3,000
Carmen PHP 1,500 PHP 1,700 PHP 2,000
Loon PHP 1,800 PHP 2,000 PHP 2,300
Calape PHP 1,800 PHP 2,000 PHP 2,300
Tubigon PHP 2,000 PHP 2,200 PHP 2,500
Talibon PHP 2,700 PHP 2,900 PHP 3,200
Ubay PHP 3,000 PHP 3,200 PHP 3,500

Send an email to  or contact us via phone or mobile: (038) 537-9342 / 0915 469 8515 / 0999 929 8119. Kindly provide your exact location/flight/ferry details, time of arrival, and total number of guests. Once we confirm your reservation, the driver will be waiting for you at the arrival/pick-up area with your name in a signage. Transfer fee is payable in cash to the driver upon arrival.

Can I smoke at the hotel?

No, you cannot. A nationwide smoking ban is enforced by the Philippine government. Smoking is prohibited within the resort. However, we have a designated smoking area at the restaurant.

Do you accept tourists outside Bohol?

For more details please message us.

Do you have day tour?

Yes, we do, at 8 AM – 5 PM daily, for more details visit our Day Tour Page.

Do you allow pets?

As much as we love animals and nature, Loboc River Resort is also located in nature with animals (resident ducks, monkeys, buffalo) that might be roaming around the area that may disturb their habitat. We thank you for your understanding.

Can I bring my own food?

Like every hotel with an operating restaurant, No it is not allowed. Our chefs and waiters waiting to serve food for you at our restaurant with a wide array of food and drink choices for your convenience. View Menu.

Can I fly a drone at Loboc River Resort?

Yes, you can, with the new airport transferred to Panglao, Loboc is a safe fly zone for drones.

Do you allow Pre-nuptial Photo or Video shoots?

We allow Pre-nuptial Photo or Video shoots if Loboc River Resort is the reception area. This is one of the exclusive perks we have provided to those who have chosen our place as a reception area. We thank you for your understanding. For wedding inquiries please email us at

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