Loboc River Resort Day Tour

Skip the line and get exclusive discounts when you book in advance, enjoy a well-deserved pampering at our Bohol River Resort. View our available Bohol Tour Packages below!

Step 1 – Select Day Tour Activities

Select your preferred activities. Contact us via Landline: (038) 537-9342 / Globe Mobile: 0915 469 8515 / Smart Mobile: 0999 929 8119 for more information.

Day Tour / Non-Overnight Activities
Activity Availability Description Rate
Swimming Pool (Non-Overnight) 8AM - 5PM With Pool Towels and use of Shower Facility (consummable 300 for Adult, 150 for Child) Per Adult (₱ 500) | Per Kid > 10years old (₱ 250)
Fishing 8AM - 5PM 1kg/person, Fishing Rod, Bait, Pail, and Assistance (have it cooked at Grilled, Crispy Fried, Sweet & Sour with Tausi +₱240) Per Adult (₱ 150) | Per Kid > 10years old (₱ 100)
Fishing Paluto (Add-On) 8AM - 5PM Have it cooked Grilled, Crispy Fried, Sweet & Sour with Tausi Per Meal (₱ 240)
Outdoor Massage in Zen Island 8AM - 5PM (By Appointment 2 Hours Before) *extend up to 7PM for in-house guest Outdoor 1 Hour Massage + Bathrobe + Ginger Tea Per Person (₱ 650)
Banca Ride in Zen Island 8AM - 5PM Banca Rental wiithin Zen Island fishpond Per Person (₱ 75)
Bike Rental 8AM - 5PM Bike Rental wiithin 10-hectare (Loboc River Resort & Trekking Path) Per Person (₱ 75)
Yoga 8AM - 5PM Yoga Mats Rental (Instructor subject to availability - Minimum Persons & Prior Reservation Required) Per Person (₱ 75)
Loboc River Watersports / SUP Tour
Activity Availability Description Unit
SUP Tour (1Hour) 8AM - 5PM With Paddleboard and Liifevest Per 1 - 2 Persons (₱ 700)
SUP Tour (1Hour) 8AM - 5PM With Paddleboard and Liifevest 3 persons above (₱ 550)
Kayak (1Hour) 8AM - 5PM Single Per 1 Person (₱ 350)
Kayak (1Hour) 8AM - 5PM Double Per 2 Persons (₱ 550)
Big Boat (Upstream) Busai 8AM - 5PM To Busai Falls (1-2hrs) Per 1 - 10 Persons (₱ 3,800)
Big Boat (Upstream) Busai Group above 11 Persons 8AM - 5PM To Busai Falls (1-2hrs) < 11 - 16 (per person) (₱ 380)
Big Boat (Downstream) Ati 8AM - 5PM To Ati Tribe (1 hr) Per 1 - 10 Persons (₱ 2,900)
Big Boat (Downstream) Ati Group above 11 Persons 8AM - 5PM To Ati Tribe (1 hr) < 11 - 16 (per person) (₱ 290)
Pump Boat (Upstream) 8AM - 5PM To Busai Falls (1-2hrs) Per 1 - 6 Persons (₱ 2,500)
Pump Boat (Downstream) 8AM - 5PM To Ati Tribe (1 hr) Per 1 - 6 Persons (₱ 2,000)
Speed Boat (Upstream) 8AM - 5PM To Busai Falls (1-2hrs) Per 1 - 3 Persons (₱ 2,300)
Speed Boat (Downstream) 8AM - 5PM To Ati Tribe (1 hr) Per 1 - 3 Persons (₱ 1,800)
Firefly Boat Tour 6:30 PM (1 Hour) 8:00 PM (1 Hour) 6:30 PM Trip and 8:00 PM Trip Per 1 - 4 Persons (₱ 2,000)
Firefly Boat Tour (Add-On) 6:30 PM (1 Hour) 8:00 PM (1 Hour) 6:30 PM Trip and 8:00 PM Trip < 5 - 26 (per person) (₱ 500)

Step 2 – Receive a Confirmation Voucher

You will then receive a confirmation voucher after you provide your details to our reservations staff.
No Prepayment needed. Payment is 100% upon Arrival.

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You may register activities upon arrival or pre-order additional meals or drinks.

Activity Terms & Conditions

  • Ticket / Voucher reselling is not allowed for security purposes. Booking guest must be present during the tour.
  • Adult, Child, Senior Citizen entrance rate will be the same as we are monitoring a limited headcount for your safety. Senior Citizen discount can be availed in the restaurant.
  • Last minute declaration of additional guest may be declined or subject to waitlist as we monitor headcount and daily capacity. Please call or message us to reserve additional guest/s.
  • Failure to arrive on the specified timeslot is considered sold; we encourage our guests to arrive on time to maximize the ticket. Time extension will incur the full rate of the next package. Shortened stay is non-refundable.
  • Bringing of pets, outside food and drinks is not allowed.
  • Bringing of banig and tent is encouraged for the picnic activity.
  • Fishing activity is subject to availability. Fishing beyond maximum 1kg amount is subject to extra fees; Catch and release of fish is strictly prohibited.

    Safety Protocols

    • Health Declaration Form is required upon arrival. Guest ensures factual information for effective contact tracing.
    • Footbath and Temperature scan upon entry are required for both Staff and Guest; the property has the right to decline staff and guest  entry with a temperature above 37.5c. First-Aid kit and a dedicated nurse is within the vicinity.
    • Guest Facemask is required in high volume areas except when swimming and dining; physical distancing is required.
    • Full Day Guests may be required to proceed to another area during the 1-2 pm swimming pool sanitation/maintenance schedule.
    • A centralized contact number of the Front Office is provided for assistance.
    • We encourage all our guests to bring their own hand sanitizer/rubbing alcohol. Facemask and Rubbing alcohol is also available for sale.
    • A separate dining area is provided for Day Tour guests.
    • Only 10 people are allowed in the swimming pool peruse. Activity Registration may be required upon arrival.
    • Loboc River Resort is a 10-hectare property with open-air facilities perfect for a wellness and nature getaway. The maximum capacity for Day Tour Guests is up to 25 persons/day.
    If you want a one-of-a-kind vacation that is totally different from the usual beach getaways, our Loboc river accommodation is the perfect place for you. Book direct online today and get instant confirmation.